Contact Information 

850-638-6131 Ext. 2222

Provides assistance and support in the awareness, selection, and use of assistive, instructional and communication technologies for professional staff and for children and youth who are exceptional and/or have special or unique needs.

FDLRS PAEC assists and supports district professional staff and families of students who are exceptional or have special or unique needs in the awareness, selection, and use of assistive, instructional and communications technologies.

FDLRS supports the technology initiative through the following project priorities:

  • Provides professional development on universal design for learning

  • Collaborates with school district personnel to improve access to assistive technology for students

  • Collaborates with Local Assistive Technology Specialists (LATS) and Regional LATS

  • Supports and facilitates online/distance learning opportunities

  • Provision of technical assistance and/or professional development to support awareness, selection and use of assistive, instructional, and communication technologies for district staff and families of students who have special needs.

Provides support with the Assistive Technology Assessment Process, selection and implementation of assistive technology and technical assistance and training for Local Assistive Technology professionals, students and parents.

Serving Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Walton and Washington school districts.

FDLRS PAEC is an associate center serving Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, Walton and Washington Counties.